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Whether a person has been involved in an accident or just wants to give their vehicle's exterior a facelift, bringing it to a reliable auto body repair shop will allow the owner to get back on the road in no time. There are drivers who do have questions about what type of repairs an auto body shop is able to perform. Below are examples of the most popular types of repairs handled.

Dent Removal

One of the most common types of repairs provided by the average body shop is dent removal. Whether the vehicle has a few dings from car doors being opened against them in parking lots or it has suffered more serious hail damage, an experienced dent and auto body repair expert will smooth those dents out of the auto's exterior and have it looking brand new. Many times, this can be handled without the need to repaint.

Collision Repair

Often, collision repair work is the most detailed auto repair an auto body professional offers because it consists of multiple services. Such repairs entail extensive body and framework, dent repair, repainting, and other processes needed to bring the car back to its original state.

Auto Painting

A car's exterior may suffer paint damage in addition to cracks or scratches. To protect it, providing it with the proper painting is essential. This will also ensure that prior damage isn't noticeable and in addition to preventing rust and corrosion. For this reason, many auto body shops provide extensive painting services.

Frame Alignment and Repair

Many auto body experts specialize in the auto's frame. This consists of repairs or realignment services. A professional will use high-precision tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure that the vehicle is properly aligned and ready to hit the road again. It is important after an accident to have the frame checked out to see that everything is in order.

Driving on a bent frame can affect the suspension as well as the alignment of the car. This will actually cause uneven tire wear. Those who are keeping up with their tire rotation and balancing and still experiencing tire wear may find that their frame is bent. This is worth checking out.

Those looking for a reliable body shop to restore their car's exterior can turn to the professionals at Alan Byer Collision Center. They have been serving customers in Central New York since 1959. They will work closely with all insurance companies to see that their customers are satisfied. To schedule an appointment, visit them online today.

Understand the Most Popular Auto Body Repairs